The Loner

The Loner - In Your Eyes

"The Loner" taken from EP "Right Kid, Wrong World". 
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Can you take a look deep inside my mind for a while?
Cause i am being lost
Trapped inside the silent door i made for my soul
I’m feeling so empty.
Is it all? Is it me?
Is it the person that I could be ?
Is it me? That you saw?
Cause my shadow is all i can see

Well i saw rivers in the sky, reflect loneliness in my eyes
You were taking from me everything
So i’m still here and waiting

For…the day that the ghost of you is gone
So…never come back and haunt my soul again

Set me free from you
From all dead memories
Take my heart, take my soul
And give back to me what’s mine.

Do you rememeber when you break my heart once again
The lies that we told
Let the rain cover me and wash all my pain
My mind and my broken heart
Is it all? Is it me?
Is it the person i could be
Is it you? That i saw?
Cause your shadow is all i can see